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"Sun salutations can energize and warm you, even on the darkest, coldest winter day." ~Carol Krucoff

These standing poses are performed after the sun salutations and before the chosen series, for all series. Perform postures on both sides where necessary. Back to Ashtanga Series Home

Uttitha Trikonasana
Parivritta Trikonasana
Uttitha Parsvakonasana
Parivritta Parsvakonasana
Prasarita Padotonasana A
Prasarita Padotonasana B
Prasarita Padotonasana C
Prasarita Padotonasana D
Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana A
Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana A (bow)
Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana B
Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana C

Ardha Baddha Padma Padotonasana
Ardha Baddha Padma Padotonasana (bow)
(VINYASA INTO) Utkatasana
(VINYASA INTO) Virabhadrasana A
Virabadrasana B


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