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"Corpse pose restores life. Dead parts of your being fall away; the ghosts are released." ~T. Guillemets

All series are followed by the closing sequence. Shavasana, or final resting pose, is held as long as you want -- but at least five minutes. Back to Ashtanga Series Home

Urdhva Dhanurasana (three times)
(CHAKRASANA * INTO) Paschimottanasana
Sarvangasana (8 breaths)
Karna Pindasana
Urdhva Padmasana
Uttana Padasana (CHAKRASANA* OUT)
Sirsasana A (15 breaths)
Sirsasana B
(VINYASA IN) Baddha Padmasana
Yoga Mudrasana
Padmasana (10 breaths)
Utplitih (tolasana)
Hold up to 100 breaths

(VINYASA INTO) Shavasana (Remain here at least five minutes)

*Chakrasana vinyasa is similar to a backward somersault.


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