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Ashtanga Postures by Series

Sun Salutations (shown at right)*: warmup for all series

Basic Standing Postures:
performed before all series

First Series: Yoga Chikitsa

Second Series: Nadi Shodana
Third/Fourth Series: Sthira Bhaga (partial)

Closing Sequence:
performed after all series

*All the series begin with sun salutations (surya namaskars), shown at right... typically 5 A's and 5 B's. Surya Namaskar A is also called a "vinyasa," and it is performed between all of the seated and inverted postures in the first series.

"Practice, and all is coming." ~Sri K. P. Jois

Sun Salutation A (surya namaskar A)
also a VINYASA
Sun Salutation B (surya namaskar B)
(perform warrior 1 on each side)

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